Here we offer various projects that we have created, many of these are custom coded Excel spreadsheets using VBA scripting. All are virus free and free to download for anyone who can take advantage of such a program. Most of these ‘applications’ are intended for business use and project management tasks, we continue to populate the applications as we finish them and we will publish them here. Keep in mind when using a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet upon opening, click ‘Enable Content’ on the top of the sheet in order to have the macros become active. All of these applications are hosted on a One Drive cloud platform. In order to function as intended they must be saved to your computer. To do that upon opening of the download link, once opened click ‘File’ > ‘Save As’ > ‘Download a Copy’.

Applications for Project Management and Production

Gantt Chart

This Gantt chart is a great tool for Project Leaders and Production management scenarios, keep on track with several projects at once with the capabilities to add new employees, new activities and create new projects. Keep you and your team on track and organized within your organization with this powerful tool.

Intuitive controls, homepage offers overall project insight.
Track progress accordingly, tabs automatically rename upon naming of new project.
Add employees to your roster.
Starting a new project is simple, just click ‘New Project’.
Monitor your activities in real time as you add them to your project.

Click the button below to download from a One Drive shared link. Keep in mind this worksheet will not work unless downloaded, it is not scripted to work on Office 365 cloud based interface.