1 Year Extended Warranty


Get more from your purchase with SR Studios Tech’s 1-year extended warranty for refurbished laptops and computers. Covering defects in materials and workmanship, our warranty offers repair or replacement, making your device purchase worry-free for a full year. Trust SR Studios Tech for reliable computing and exceptional support.



Product Description: 1 Year Extended Limited Warranty

Welcome to peace of mind with SR Studios Tech’s 1-year extended limited warranty for refurbished laptops and computers. Our warranty offers comprehensive coverage, protecting against defects in materials and workmanship for an entire year from the date of purchase.

Coverage Details:

  • Defects Covered: Our warranty covers a wide range of defects that may arise from manufacturing or workmanship issues, ensuring that your refurbished device meets our high-quality standards.
  • Repair or Replacement: In the event of a covered defect, we will either repair the device using new or refurbished parts or replace it with an equivalent product, depending on the nature of the issue and product availability.
  • Easy Claim Process: Should you encounter any issues covered by the warranty, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. Simply provide your proof of purchase and a detailed description of the problem, and we’ll guide you through the claim process swiftly and efficiently.
  • Peace of Mind: With our 1-year warranty, you can use your refurbished laptop or computer with confidence, knowing that you’re protected against unforeseen defects and issues that may arise during the warranty period.
  • Customer Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale. We’re here to provide ongoing support and assistance throughout the warranty period, ensuring that you have a positive experience with your refurbished device.

Trust SR Studios Tech for reliable computing solutions and exceptional warranty coverage. Experience worry-free computing for a full year with our 1-year extended limited warranty.


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